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Liquid or solid plant food?

vaste-of-vloeibare-plantvoeding.jpg16 mar.

You want to care for your plants as well as possible. But what form of plant food is best: pellets, powder, or liquid food? In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of liquid and solid food.

Solid plant food

Is the surface you are going to fertilise relatively large, like a lawn? Then solid plant food in the form or pellets or powder can be handy. You can weigh out the right amount on a scale and then scatter the food evenly. 

Solid plant food must first dissolve into the soil before the nutrients are released. It therefore takes a while for this fertiliser to have an effect. Bear in mind that you should not scatter solid fertiliser during a dry period or on dry substrate. Pellets cannot dissolve in dry soil. This plant food is usually suitable if you do not need to fertilise the plants regularly.

Liquid plant food

If you fertilise the plants weekly or daily and do not need to spread the fertiliser over a large area, liquid plant food is recommended. Liquid fertiliser is easy to use. The correct dosage is shown on the cap of the bottle. If you follow these instructions closely, your plants will never get too much or too little nutrition. However, you should pay close attention to the needs of the crop. Some plants grow slower and need less nutrition. In that case, you need only give a quarter of the dose. 

Liquid plant food contains all the nutrients your plants need. You only need a bottle and you need not give your plants any extra water, because the food is already in liquid form. So you save a great deal of water too. Your plants absorb the nutrients in the liquid plant food immediately.

Personal advice regarding plant food

At BAC, we sell different kinds of nutritional products that have a beneficial effect on the development of your plants: organic products, chemical products and plant stimulators. We would be delighted to provide you with personal advice about what your plants need. Contact our specialists.

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